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CHN Associates offers a wealth of expertise based on years of experience in the following areas:


Geriatric & Chronic Care

As the population ages, businesses and government are focused on serving the graying market. Nowhere is this more critical than in the health care industry where changes in the management of chronic care are critical.

CHN works with health industry leaders to improve patient outcomes, reduce costs, improve efficiencies, and reduce risks.

Home Care

Home care providers face significant marketplace challenges from increasing competition, labor dynamics, customer behaviors, and regulatory shifts. CHN works with home care companies and non-profits alike to mount new programs, achieve optimal quality care, reduce costs and complexity of operations, and expand markets and services.

Home & Community-based Services

Senior housing and service organizations face a shifting landscape as budgets are cut, consumer preferences change, competition increases, and regulations mount. How do you grow successfully in today's world? Many organizations contemplate adding new home and community-based services, yet they quickly find themselves in foreign territory.

Technology Supports

Increasingly, more people are living longer with chronic care needs. Promoting their independence has benefits for everyone: seniors wishing to maintain autonomy, funders concerned with costs, providers seeking to offer health and quality of life supports.

CHN works with aging service providers to evaluate and implement technology as tools for independence.

Family & Professional Caregiver Issues

Services that offer solutions to family and professional caregiver problems can create financial rewards for organizations. CHN Associates consults with private duty home care companies, geriatric care managers and non-profit senior service organizations to create new family caregiver support programs and professional caregiver training to increase client revenue and reduce costs plus expand markets and services.

Geriatric Care Management

Geriatric care managers (GCM's) are confronted with growing competition, a struggle to brand their product, and challenges to finding new strategies to expand their market. CHN team members are leaders in their field and have written the premiere GCM text.

We bring decades of strategic, operational and marketing expertise to both our geriatric care management clients and agencies that wish to add geriatric care management services.

Integrating Home Care into GCM Practices

Integrating private duty home care into geriatric care management (GCM) practices increases the profit margin, enhances the continuity of GCM services, promotes quality control of staff, and differentiates your GCM practice from competition.

CHN has over 30 years experience in merging these two businesses to create and enhance the quality of life for aging clients and families, better meet care needs, and increase revenue of GCM businesses.

Transitions of Care

Almost one fifth of Medicare beneficiaries who have been discharged from a hospital are rehospitalized within 30 days. Hospitals now risk large penalties for avoidable readmissions. Home care providers and geriatric care managers are experts in all transitions of care but face barriers to entering the market.

CHN has been on the cutting edge of transitions of care for 30 years and created recent research into how geriatric care managers (GCM's) and home care can prevent hospital readmission and sell this to key players.

VIP or Concierge Eldercare Services

VIP and entitled clients are a large profit center for home care and geriatric care management (GCM) organizations. Home care providers and GCMs are challenged on how to market to these clients and serve their wide-ranging needs.

CHN has created soup to nuts VIP products for nonprofit, private duty home care and geriatric care management organizations to increase the bottom line, enhance the quality of care, and teach professionals step-by-step how to serve these profitable clients.


New models for aging successfully have emerged to help people avoid institutional living. Expanding choices beyond moves to nursing homes or retirement communities, neighborhoods are forming Villages to foster "aging in place". Many of these grassroots organizations have limited management experience or expertise and need assistance if they want to survive and thrive.

CHN works with Villages to successfully design start-up operations, achieve sustainability, mount new programs, expand memberships, and manage growth.